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Samsung Galaxy Note7 unveiled with a 5.7" curved screen

For many months and several days after receiving the information, as well as inform leaked through social networks and websites so far, now the smartphone Note series latest version of Samsung named Galaxy Note 7 was introduced on the stage officially in New York at 10 PM. This new generation is very...

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Galaxy Note 7 features that iPhone can not do

The presence of the new top flagship of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 makes peoples over the world are very satisfied a new design style modern technology and are equipped with many features that no other smartphone models. These technologies include: Iris...

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Honor Note 8 with Super AMOLED 6.6 inch

Generally, we rarely see a smartphone with a screen size exceeds 6 inches very large; it is not too common for people to use. However, it does nothing because Xiaomi has just recently unveiled a giant screen smartphone and Huawei today...