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Japan produce robot almost like human

Scientist from the University of Tokyo in Japan has provided a new surprise to the world after they achieve robots a capacity almost as a real human. That robot is model Kengoro performed with 180 motor vehicles, including components and technology some more. Kengoro is not overheating as other robots because its...

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Discovered new technology for Handicapped

Handicapped is always a bad dream that everyone does not want to see. But people who have disabilities have a dream to want to walk like a human, and some people regarded it as a dream in their life. But until...

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Hot Rod, The New Robot of Transformers

Producers of Transformers, Michael Bay showed the appearance of new robot characters, Hot Rod, which will appear in Film Transformers: The Last Knight. Michael always unveils new robots from the original car, but this time is the difference by showing the shape...