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SpaceX created machine to Mars successful

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk posted a message on Twitter, said the completion of successful testing machine Raptor used to send people to Mars in the next 10 years. The pilot made since last Sunday at the factory for testing of the company, which is located at Texas, United states. According to the...

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NASA plans take submarines to space

NASA recently released the submarine project to conduct research and to provide depth on the planet, known as the Saturn moon or titan. The submarine is ready to use in the project, with a length of 6 meters long, 1 meter wide,...

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Nearly 2 years, NASA lost spacecraft

NASA's spacecraft Solar called Stereo-B, which NASA has sent to measure solar energy mission in 2014. Until 2016, the two-year anniversary is missing cannot communicate anymore for some unknown reason. Scientists expected that the connection is lost in a short period...