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Microsoft unveiled the Surface Studio

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Studio, design updates, including advanced technology produced specially for artists, graphic designers, and design. Surface Studio has a screen size of 28-inch touch screen image at 4500 x 3000 resolution, clearer screen TV 4K generally 63% or 4.5K. Processor chip with Core i7, RAM, 32GB of storage, SSD,...

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Microsoft released a Surface Pro 4 video

Most readers know Microsoft, the maker of Windows OS and major users worldwide. Although it has unveiled Surface Pro 4 nearly a year, and it continues to promote sales yet, because it is a hybrid, a smaller thin pretty easy to...

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New technology flagship by tattoo

The Ph.D. student from the Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has collaborated with Microsoft Research control technology to create a smartphone with scores tattoo. This technology, called DuoSkin you can use the smartphone or computer via drawing the tattoo...