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Google unveiled Pixel phone

Finally, the phone of Google’s top two models are pixel and pixel XL has an official presence with the special specification such information leaks released past. The two new phone models point to strong interesting as much as the camera 12.3 MP, 1.55μm pixels, aperture f / 2.0, and more ballast technology...

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Google launch new YouTube for low internet

Google just released a new generation ready to put YouTube produced especially for areas that have limited Internet service. The new YouTube called YouTube go is a technology super Low Bandwidth, which allows users to view or save YouTube video smoothly even...

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Leaked official Google Smartphone

The top of Google's flagship model Pixel will be presented on October 4, 2016, but the leaked was believed to be the actual body of the Pixel. The Pixel display resolution, a distinctive design, with front panel buttons and only fingerprint scanner,...