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Samsung unveiled latest PC

ArtPC Pulse is a new type of desktop computer, Samsung’s specially designed shape and had an unusual ability. ArtPC Pulse the CPU is equipped with Intel’s latest generation Skylake with a Core i5 and Core i7 options, including a possible increase of RAM 16 GB and feature graphics AMD Radeon RX460. The...

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Lenovo unveiled Gaming Desktop

Sector of the game forward more quickly and amazing every generation, because Specs or its machine always upgrade capabilities and stronger every generation thanks to 3 large companies are Intel, NVidia, and AMD, which is the core of strengthening market games...

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3 better reason should use desktop

The laptops have become a popular choice for consumers at present due to can bring and accomplish the same desktop computer. However, there are 3 reasons to show that the use of desktop computers is a good choice: 1. Spare part upgradeable Most...