Mercedes-Benz rounded out the first Model Pick Up for farmer

Mercedes-Benz cars model pickup, its first model with X-Class, while the company claims Pick Up the most luxurious.

X-Class divided into X-Class stylish Explorer for use on the road and the X-Class Powerful Adventure for use very difficult. There is a strong body shape and fit for the future, with front and rear LED lights, plus elegantly both V6 engine technology combined loop four wheels 4 Matic.

This model will start production by the end of 2017 and sell it on the market in Europe and South America.

mercedes-benz-x-class-concept on-tuesday-mercedes-van-division-debuted-two-versions-of-the-concept-x-class xc4 xc7 xc8 xc-9 xc-10 x-class-1 xclass-2